Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Depot for our Writers

This is the "BLOG" of the Jay Historical Society. Hopefully we will make it easy for our contributing writers to post FIRST to this medium and then share to our facebook page. IF we accomplish that for most stories - we will have a "bundle" of readily indexed topics that can easily be shared on ANY social media or email. Its a thought.

I have initially invited to be admin or authors on the page - FOUR JHS contributors.  WHEN  I have
good email addresses I will "invite" more to make it easy to post here and edit your work here.
B. Boutwell, D. Diamond, S. Moore, E. Crews.

 Please let me ( vic@BUZZCREEK.COM) know if you want to be a contributor and I can simply add you to the author contributors. Not ALL posts are stories -- some will be news about the society. But many will find this a much more flexible platform to share stories and promote the enjoyment of our history. Posting here is very easy and also easy to edit. You can even add video links to youtube and photos. It is very flexible.

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