Sunday, January 22, 2017

JULY 2017 Speaker- Sharon Marsh

This talk will delve into her latest book about the Union First Florida Cavalry.  It is a fascinating topic as a lot of Panhandle farmers and merchants and tradesmen did not follow the Confederate line and provided a ready resource for this unit. It was not unusual for dissatisfied Confederates to desert
and join the Union First Cavalry.  It was trying times of course and such moves were risky. She recently spoke at the Genealogical Society of Santa Rosa County.

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"I have been writing most of my life but only working at publishing anything since retiring from a day job.  I am an avid family historian, having become hooked on climbing ancestor trees about 25 years ago.  I have also developed a keen interest in history as I've discovered ancestors living
Genealogical Society Presentation
during various historical periods and in locations that saw history unfold.  But my favorite location is northwest Florida (it has always been my "home" even when I've lived elsewhere) and my favorite period of American history is 1840-1895.

I spend my days studying various subjects of interest, writing, reading, gardening/mowing, genealogy, watching the wildlife on my 5 acres, photography, volunteering and spending as much time as possible with my Mom.  Oh, and I try to care for my half feral cat who is a beautiful little soul who seriously distrusts all humans except her two servants.  I am unsure how she decided we were okay when she showed up on our doorstep.  Mama calls her Pester Butt but her name is Emma Jane."