Marley - not sure you can treat this page as a blog... which would be nice.  But if not. Just start a new blog and we LINK it to THIS BLOG and treat it as if it is simply a PART of this blog. That way we can keep all the recipes together.

But ... for those in the know...  you can actually search inside the existing blog by topic.  Like search Recipe and all posts about recipes will show up in your feed. 

Thing is most people wont realize they can do that but a separate blog solves the issue having a separate "Chapter" of blogging ...    I wish this page could do it ... but looks like it is for special topics that need to be presented fairly regularly by a link of the page back to the main blog page...
.... like it could be a standard meeting notice that is generic and then it can be sent simply by link to the blog or to emails etc .. or facebook.... at any time.

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