Sunday, April 14, 2019


We are adding to this blog - the ability to author, edit and manage the blog for three more people. This is important to have several open to make changes or post to the blog. This "SHOULD" become one of the KEY ways to make announcements.. Once in the blog -- it is easy to share the post to social media or email and other media.   We are not limited to FB.  It also makes a concise way to get news posts out to NewsPAPER media in an email.  Photos and links to photos and more information can easily be editied into any post on any topic.    AND in the future the posts are easy to find and if needed RE-POST or edit and repost ....  Blogs are easy to use --- They are as simple as any word processor.  .....

HERE is our upcomming LANDING PAGE for our WEBSITE....
............. the plan is to make the URL  for jayhistoricalsociety dot org ... go to THIS PAGE.  It will be also accessible by a team of editors -- probably same people as the blog uses.....  Our existing website will remain in place and support background information just as it does now.

New author / editor status are going to
Marley Brown
Bobby Boutwell

One you sign in with your OWN gmail log in
you will have access anytime with that login.

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